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We create influential and pertinent documentary films that help Christians understand the Jewish people and God’s continued faithfulness towards them, the continued relevance of the land of Israel and the crucial role we play as believers as spelled out in Scripture—while at the same time carefully dismantling the main roadblocks in the way.
Study Guides
Our study guides dive deeper into some of the important topics of the films—further helping Christians understand the Jewish people, the land of Israel and their neighbors, and the amazing role we as believers play in God’s plan of redemption. Designed for both small groups and individuals, typically completed over a span of 5-6 weeks.
Our pilgrimage trips to Israel are life-changing and provide a unique experience unmatched by any tour. While in Israel you will physically experience the land of the Bible and the people of the land. Opening up the Scriptures and reading on location will transform the text from black and white to color—forever changing your relationship to God’s Word.

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Hope in the Holy Land trailer

Hope In the Holy Land documents Todd on a journey of discovery in Israel seeking the truth about one of the most hotly contested conflicts in the world—the lsraeli-Palestinian conflict.

Grafted In study guide released

God’s redemptive plan for the world started with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. So how are Christians grafted into this plan, and where does that leave Jews? Many Christians have a desire…


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